Top 5 Best dog food for weight loss In 2019 (Reviews and buying Guide)

Is your dog looking bulk, less inactive, he must be overweight? Further, it can cause many severe diseases to your dog like heart diseases, diabetes or any other serious complication.

So you need to change your dog diet along with exercise. The food that is high in protein, below average calories and fat.

So here we have reviewed top 5 best dog food (expert pick )that reduce the weight of your dog and further make it fit, active and flexible.

we also included an in-depth guide and FAQ that help you to know what to look while buying dog food that reduces weight.

Here we go, let start with reviews first.

Image Product Rating Price
Wellness Core® Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food
Natural Balance Fat Dogs Dry Dog Food
Diamond Naturals Real Meat Recipe Premium Specialty Dry Dog Food
Nutro Ultra Adult Weight Management Dog Food

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Weight Loss ( Expert Pick )

Wellness Core® Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Reduced Fat Formula.

Wellness Core® Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Reduced Fat Formula is highly recommended for dog weight management. It most trusted, rated weight loss food in the market. However, it is also the best seller among many online stores.

This wellness core food have 25% fewer calories and fat than other weight loss formula. It is highly rich in protein which will feel your dog stomach to be filled and further help to reduce dog weight.

It is 100% grain free which is further suitable for dogs who have grain allergies or not like to eat grain food. It give your dog a complete balanced diet while supporting your dog’s healthy weight.

It is 100 %natural, pure and does not contain any flavor, preservative. It also does not contain wheat, soy corn or any other kind of grain.

This product is proudly manufactured is USA and backed by wellness guarantee to further ensure its quality.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food.

Blue buffalo life protection formula is made to gain healthy muscle in your dog while reducing weight. It includes high-quality protein which help your dog to maintain healthy muscles.

It also included whole grain, garden veggies, and fruits which are less in calories and fat along with high fiber that will let your dog feel full and also help them reducing weight.

To let your dog remain healthy, it will provide a precise blend of antioxidants,vitamin and minerals carefully selected by a nutritionist to support the immune system while maintaining a healthy weight.

It does not contain soy, corn, artificial flavors and preservatives. 100% natural ingredients.

At 50$ you will get a 30-pound food beg that is reasonably affordable with highly recommended. the healthy chicken and brown rice formula is a perfect blend to built muscles and reduce fat. It is also highly rated by user and one of the best seller dog food for dog weight loss.

Natural Balance Fat Dogs Dry Dog Food

If your dog is overweight and has to lose too much of weight then you don,t need to further research any other dog weight loss food. While there is food that is designed for weight loss or healthy weight management. But natural balance fat dry dog food is specially designed for weight loss in the front.

It has a such a great balance protein and fiber that will keep your dog feel full while giving it fewer calories. the high amount of protein promotes clean muscle and strength while your dog loses weight and fat.

It weight loss formula will change the body composition of your dog. But to get the maximum results to make sure your dog gets exercised 1-2 times a day. After some time your dog has less fat and more muscle which make your dog healthy, flexible and active.

When it comes to quality maintenance then this company test 9 times on every batch of food. Highly qualified microbiologists and chemists perform each test. So it ensures that the product only uses high-quality ingredients.

The chicken meal, salmon, garbanzo beans provide high protein to your dog. while pea fiber, oats, barley and egg and other range of vitamin and mineral kept your do feel full while giving the minimum amount of calories to your will also keep your dog healthy and fit.

Diamond Naturals Real Meat Recipe Premium Specialty Dry Dog Food

This is also another excellent food for a dog who is less active and overweight. Another thing about this product is that you will get 30 pounds of this diamond dry dog food with only 35$. It is excellent for pet parents who are on a tight budget.

It will have a high-quality protein that is made from the real pastured raised lamp, which is great for a dog who hare less active and weak muscle. It will strengthen the muscle of dogs and make them active.

However, the ingredient quality is not as equal as the above product, but they are not far less than them. it will include premium ingredients with
with added vitamins & minerals; fruits and vegetables as blend the fatty acid and extremely helpful in reducing weight.

No corn, wheat, filler; no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added; 100% natural and specially made for advance food safety and essential weight management.

If you regularly keep your dog to exercise and feed a balanced diet of Diamond Naturals Real Meat Recipe, then it will make your dog fit, slim and hyperactive and protect from chronic diseases

Nutro Ultra Adult Weight Management Dog Food.

It is guaranteed that when you open the box, your dog starts dancing. the is the most nutritious dog food that your dog loves it. There is not any great privilege as it loved by your pet.

High-Quality natural ingredient sourced from a trusted network of farmer and supplier. It does not include any kind of color, artificial flavor or preservatives — 100 % natural and rich in protein.

If your looking for all in one complete balance diet solution while supporting weight loss and make your dog active, build muscle and reduce fat then this can be the best option for you.

It contain salmon, chicken, lamb, and turkey and further includes natural ingredients such as rice, pumpkin, peas, carrots. However, this whole blend of mineral, vitamin and rich protein ingredient with low calories and fat will ultimately keep your dog healthy,muscular,lean and fat-free.

How to choose a dog food for weight loss?

Here below consider the following factor before to choose the best dog food for your dog weight loss.

Amount of calories.

The thumb rule of losing weight of anyone is intake calorie less than what you consume. Suppose your daily dog intake of calorie is 1500 calorie and it only consume 1000 calories than rest of calories is stored in the form of fat.

So before to choose a weight loss food for your dog, you must select a product diet that have less calories for the dog who have a lot to lose. For active dogs who have little to lose than you choose more calorie diet.

Nutrition composition

So before to choose a weight loss food for your dog, you must select a product diet that have less calories for the dog who have a lot to lose. For active dogs who have little to lose than you choose more calorie diet.
nutrition composition

The other most essential factor you should consider while choosing the best dog food for weight loss is its nutrition composition. Always go for the products which have above average amount of protein and have below the amount of fat or fat-free.

This kind of nutrition composition will not only reduce weight and amount of fat in the body but also build muscle and strength in your dog which makes it more active and flexible.

Taste and delicious.

No matter how nutritious the food is if its not tasty and delicious then your dog will not it. So make sure your dog food along with high nutrition, your dog would love the food.

Type of dog and age.

To select a weight loss food, we also need to consider the age, weight, size and breed of dog. If your dog is older than you can select food diet that is specially made for old dogs. For small size and large size dog bread you go for small size breed formula or large size breed formula.

For younger dog your amount for nutrition and calorie should not be reduced in the diet. As nutrition and calories are essential for their growth. Younger dogs are also more active, so they consume more calories.

Other ingredients.

There are lots of ingredients came in dog food. There are some ingredients you should avoid because they are either not necessary or can harm your dog health. Always buy 100% natural foods that have no preservative, color, chemical. However, you avoid foods that have a high percentage of fat.

FAQ about dog weight loss and food

How to know my dog is overweight?

There is not many efforts are required to identify whether your dog is obese or not. Even a simple glance can identify your dog is fatty or not. Is your dog breathe heavier, lazy and sleep more. Does it look heavier than other dogs of the same bread?

How we can reduce our dog weight?.

According to research in united state dogs are going to 158% heavier than before in recent days. Obese dogs are more prone to diabetes,heart disease and it also reduces their life expectancy. , fortunately, there are lots of ways which help your dog to reduce weight.

Exercise- To stay healthy, your dog needs to exercise, play and walk or any kind of physical activity. You can take your dog on more long walks, let your dog to a more 1-2 hour exercise to burn calories and fat. Make sure that your dog must do enough activity that it burns more calories then it eaten.

Diet and nutrition- The diet of your dog, should be less fatty, more protein and healthy. Also, make water available for your dog 24 hours to it will drink more and feel less hungry. do not overfeed your dog. Also instead of feeding them twice feed them multi times a day in small proportion so it can effectively be digested.

Special food for weight loss- Luckily there are foods that are healthy and made for dog weight loss. These foods are highly recommended for dog weight loss as they have less calories and fat and more protein. So it will make your dog to reduce fat and make your dog slim, flexible and more muscular.

Above in this post, We have reviewed best dog food for weight loss that are highly effective in weight loss. You should use them to reduce weight and make them healthy.

What is the ideal weight of a dog?

There is no particular ideal weight for dogs. As they are a different kind of dogs in size, shape, breads, gender.

However here in below link, you can dog weight chart of(Different bread).

Dog weight chart by American kennel club

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