5 Best Indoor and Outdoor Rabbit Hutches Reviews & detailed Guide 2019

Majority of people likes to have a pet rabbit in their home but they look a rabbit by its outer appearance. They can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t need anything. Being a responsible owner you need to evaluate and fulfill the psychological and physical needs of your bunny.

You need to keep your rabbit away from household things because chances are quite higher than they can chew on anything that causes a problem for themselves and also you can’t allow the rabbit to run freely while you are not there in your home. In order to solve this problem, you need the best rabbit hutch that keeps your rabbit safe and happy all the times.

So it is quite difficult to select the first hutch for your rabbit as there are so many rabbit hutches with different sizes and you also need to keep your rabbit’s comfort in your mind. Here we will review five best rabbit hutch keeping your rabbits need in mind. It is recommended to read a detailed guide so that you will get to know more about bunny hutches.          

Image Features Rating Price
TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch butter
SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch
Petsfit Outdoor Rabbit Hutch
Advantech Stilt House Rabbit Hutch
Tangkula Chicken Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch

What is Rabbit Hutch?

The rabbit hutch is considered as rabbit home. It is cage-like structured that is generally placed outside the home to provide fresh air. It is can be made up of steel or aluminum but most people prefer wood rabbit hutch and a plastic rabbit hutch.

Three sides are covered and one side is meshed with wires to allow ventilation. It also acts as a guard and provides protection to your bunny.

Hutch helps to remove the stress of rabbit and allow feeling the natural environment. It is very necessary to purchase rabbit hutch otherwise you will see a massive change in the mood of your rabbit.

Difference between Hutch and Cages

One common difference between hutch and cage is those hutches are made in such a way that provides a better living environment outside your home like weather, climatic change, safety.

On another hand, cages are made by considering indoor factors in mind. It is very similar to indoor hutch.

Hutches are more spacious than cages. It is also very easy to clean a hutch than a cage. It is very important as rabbit food smells after some time.

So this is your decision and preference that whether you want to keep your rabbit outside or inside. Your Decision must be primarily based on this factor.

Reasons behind Buying Outdoor Bunny Hutch

The primary reason for purchasing outdoor bunny hutch is to provide sunlight and fresh air. Just like humans, Rabbit also wants to enjoy the outer environment. So it keeps your rabbit safe and secure outside home.

It is a good essential product for those rabbits that spend most of their time at home. You can also make its permanent home of your rabbit if the climate is pleasant all the times.

Best Rabbit Hutch for Using Outdoor and Indoor (2019)

Best Bunny Hutches

There are many rabbit hutches in market but you have to choose that one which is comfortable for your rabbit.

So here we provide reviews of 5 best rabbit hutch in the market that will surely help to take the right decision.

1.TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Attic (L), 52.75 x 32.5 x 43.5 inches

Outdoor rabbit hutch

If you are looking for cool and comfortable shelter than TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch with Attic is a good option to consider for your pet rabbit. It comes with an attic and with a removable floor that helps the rabbit to come out easily.

The hutch dimension is 52.8×32.5×43.5 that provides enough space to put three rabbits inside hutch at the same time. You can also put toys inside the hutch.

The roof provides hinges coupled and comes with locking arms which can open from both sides. The hutch comes with a pull-out tray that helps to clean your hutch easily.

If you want to keep your rabbit upstairs then you can easily do with the help of Trap door. It is advised to use a drill while assembling your hutch.

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Attic also helps to protect your rabbit from other predators because is made up with premium quality wood.

  • Made with premium quality wood
  • More spacious
  • Removable floor

2. SmithBuilt 48″ Rabbit Hutch – Two Story Zood Bunny Cage

SmithBuilt hutch

It is the most popular rabbit hutch in the market that provides a home feeling to your rabbit. It is two story hutch means there are two floors in this cage. So it the best rabbit hutch in terms of space.

It protects your rabbit from adverse climatic change and weather. Heavy duty iron wires are used inside windows to provide the best protection to your rabbit.

It is made up of premium waterproof material. So in case, your hutch is placed outside while raining than also it will not harm. Another great feature of this hutch is just like homes, it provides a separate area for sleeping and living.

It is easy to carry with you due to its portable nature. Heavy quality wood and wires don’t allow a predator to enter inside the hutch or harms your rabbit.

Although it is a little expensive deal, in the long run, you will not regret. So if you are looking for a large hutch with best quality material then Smith Built is the best alternative for you.

  • Multiple doors and access point available
  • Separate sleeping and living area for your rabbit
  • Waterproof hutch
  • Protects from predator

3. Petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny  Cages, Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

hutch for outdoor

Petsfit did great work in terms of making safe and secure cages and hutches. It considered as best outdoor hutch from several pets expert. It is another rabbit hutch that comes with two levels space i.e. upper-level house and lower level house.

Both spaces are connected with a slider ramp that makes easy for the rabbit to move inside the hutch. It also comes with a removable pan that helps to clean hutch bottom easily.

It provides a unique design that catches your eyes attention while placed outside your home. Hutch roof and doors can be opened from two sides.

Wired bottom comes with a door that can be covered with latch if you find your rabbit insecure. So if you are looking for a secure and large hutch with affordable price then you can go with petsfit 42.5 x 30 x 46 inches Bunny Cage.

  • Two chambers in the upper level
  • Two doors available
  • Easy cleaning with removable tray

4. Advantech Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Wooden Hutch

If you want to keep your rabbit happy than Advantech Stilt House Rabbit Hutch is recommended option for you. It allows stilted nesting box and outdoor enclosure that helps to provide a safe and comfortable environment to your rabbit.

It comes with a beautiful white the color that suits every color of your home. It is more spacious with a dimension of 25L x 48W x 36H that provide enough space to keep three rabbits at the same time.

The product contains great finishing that allows moving your rabbit freely inside the hutch. The door of the hutch is very to access. So the rabbit will not find any difficulty while coming outside or entering inside the hutch.

  • More space
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment to bunny
  • While color looks attractive and eye-catching

5. Tangkula 67” Chicken Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Wood hutch

Tangkula 67” Chicken Coop Outdoor comes with weatherproof construction that helps to keep your rabbit safe in this changing environment. It is made with non-toxic paint that will not allow UV rays to enter inside the hutch. UV rays are very dangerous for rabbits health.

It is durable in nature because it is made up of premium wood with no chemical added paint that will not affect the health of a rabbit in the long run.

If we consider safety, then it is a more safe option to keep your rabbit away from other animals. It also comes with a nesting box that keeps eggs safe and secure.

The removable sliding tray helps to clean hutch very easily. You can easily slide, wash and put it again.

Design of hutch is attractive that it will catch eye attention if placed outside. It is very easy to handle. So in case if you are going somewhere for a few months then you can easily carry inside your car

  • Non Toxic weatherproof paint
  • Protection from UV rays
  • More Durable Option with affordable price

Things to Consider While buying the Best Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit is the most lovely pet. It needs some space and proper care to make him happy. So buying a rabbit hutch is a very important task. After making your mind that you would purchase i.e. indoor rabbit hutch or outdoor rabbit hutch, you need to consider few things before purchasing rabbit hutch that will help to maintain your rabbit’s comfort and also helps you to know more about your rabbit needs.

Space and ventilation

It is the most important factor to consider. Always make sure that rabbit hutch should be more spacious and ventilated. It will allow the rabbit to inhale proper breath and also helps to enjoy the outdoor environment. Run area must be more spacious that allow the rabbit to run inside the hutch.

Hutches come in a variety of sizes so always buy a hutch according to your rabbit’s size but it is recommended that hutch size must be more than 2 feet.


Your hutch must be durable in nature. Durability depends upon the material used in hutch. Some people use plastic hutch for rabbits but wooden hutches are more popular in terms of durability. It supports your hutch in the adverse climatic environment and prevents from rusting.


Always check the material of hutch. If it is wooden hutch and metal wires are used as a protective guard then it is a perfect option for your rabbit. Make sure that no uneven surface should be coming out of mesh.


Always make sure that quality of hutch should be proper in case if you are using wooden hutch for rabbit then always check that wood must be well polished and strong. So it doesn’t get harmed by water touch.

Safety from predator

If you are placing your hutch outside your home then always make sure that your hutch should be strong enough to protect your rabbit from a predator.

So always make sure that hutch should be connected with the ground so it becomes hard for a predator to attack your rabbit. In the process of keeping your rabbit safe from predator don’t compromise with ventilation of hutch.

Consider the nature of the rabbit

If you are planning to keep your rabbit in hutch whole day then consider the behavior is very important whether your rabbit is active or not.

If your rabbit is active then it is recommended to buy a hutch with a ramp. It will allow your rabbit to run freely inside the hutch.

Hutch Accessibility

It is important to consider that your hutch should be easily accessible. So in case of any emergency or feeding your rabbit, you will not find any difficulty.


It is generally a one-time investment. Quality of hutch affects the price. So it is advised that you can spend some extra bucks on all the above factors.

Keep Rabbit’s Comfort in mind

You need to keep in mind that it just a thing but for a rabbit, it is home where he has to spend its most of the time.

Some people take the decision just by looking at its exterior. If it is looking cool from outside doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable. It is not a showpiece. You must consider all above things while purchasing the rabbit’s hutch. You can consider thing also but these all are secondary things. The primary thing is just the comfort of your rabbit.

If you will take any wrong decision that it will ultimately affect the mood of your rabbit and it will be clearly visible.

We have consulted a lot of pet experts they prioritize the comfort first because just like us they also need a space where they can enjoy.

Things to Avoid While Buying Hutch

Now you know the things you consider but with all these, there are some things that you must avoid while buying to avoid possible manufacturing defect. So have a look at these points.

Wood and Wire

Always check that there should not be any loose wire or any rough surface inside the hutch. So the chances of injury can reduce and give your rabbit smooth move inside the hutch.

Paint Quality

You must ensure that paint should be of higher quality. There should not be harmful chemical mixed with paint that affects the health of the rabbit.

Ramp space

There must be enough ramp space present in bunny hutch. So that bunny can feel free to move inside the hutch.


Always avoid small sized hutches. Always purchase a hutch that should be more spacious that allows freedom to your rabbit.


The opening must be according to your rabbit size. Make sure that rabbit will not face any difficulty while entering in the hutch.

Tips for Rabbit Hutch Care

So finally you made a purchase. Now you have to know about the proper care of rabbit hutch. There are some points that will help you in the proper care of rabbit hutch. These simple and easy to follow tip helps to increase the durability of your hutch.

  1. Always keep it away from water. Your wood quality must be superior or even best but water will slowly degrade wood quality.
  2. Always keep it clean and dry.
  3. You must check corner to corner that no hard surface should be there inside the hutch.
  4. Chances of damage will increase if put a heavy thing on it.
  5. Put oil on the opening door after 3 months to avoid rusting.


Here are some most common questions asked from various pet owners regarding bunny hutches. So have a look at these questions and answer to know more about it. It may be possible that questions will not satisfy

Can we keep two rabbits together?

Yes, you can place two rabbits together. Generally, rabbits have kept in pair the reason is that togetherness helps them to live an enjoyable life. A pair of neutered male rabbit and a spayed female rabbit is an idle pair to give company to each other.

How much space rabbit needs in a hutch?

There is not an idle space for it but space must be sufficient to perform general activities like sleeping and running inside the hutch. The minimum dimension should be at least 6’x3’ feet. So you need to consider it while buying.

Is it necessary to cover hutch at night?         

This decision depends upon if you are placing it outside or inside and if you place outside then you need to cover the hutch at night to protect your rabbit from predators. Keep one thing in mind that cover should be well ventilated so that the rabbit can take breath properly.

What are the essential rabbit Hutch accessories?

Your rabbit can’t live in an empty hutch. So you need some accessories in order to make him comfortable. Some of them are.

Water and Feed Bowl

It is necessary to place one bowl of water and one bowl of feed. So that it becomes very easy for the rabbit to survive inside the hutch. You need to ensure the quality of the bowl.

Rabbit feeder

Rabbit feeder also works as a bowl and used to store your feed while you are present at the home.

Pad Cover

It is the strong fabric cover used to keep your rabbit warm in winters.

Urine Guard

It helps to clean your hutch from corner to corner. So you don’t need to wash the entire floor regularly.

Can I prefer a plastic rabbit hutch?

Yes, you can prefer plastic hutch for a rabbit. Price of the plastic hutch is a little higher than wooden rabbit hutch but it is totally worthy. Here are some good reasons that clarify your query.

  1. It provides many designs and color options that look very attractive and eye-catching.
  2. It offers a variety of sizes. So you can choose according to your preference and size of your rabbit.
  3. Plastic rabbit hutch provides safety to your rabbit. You can place your hutch outside without any problem.


Taking care of a rabbit is not an easy task. So being a responsible owner it’s your prime duty fulfill all their needs and also to save their life from predators. You have to take every possible step to protect the life of your rabbit.

We hope these detailed reviews and guide will help you to take this important decision. If you like this valuable article than share it with your friends and family members who have a rabbit in their home and willing to buy a new hutch.

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