Can Dog Eat Dates?| Are Dates Safe for Dogs?

Can Dog Eat Dates

Caring a dog is not an easy task and when it comes to feeding we need to be very careful. Sometimes our little ignorance causes great harm to a dog’s health. As a responsible owner, it’s your prime duty to feed your dog with knowing every aspect of that particular food.

The most commonly asked question by various dog owners is that “can dog eat dates” or “date safe for dogs” and answer of this question is YES. Dates didn’t harm your dog even they are beneficial for dog’s health as they provide necessary vitamins (A, B, C) and dietary fiber.

It is healthy and beneficial doesn’t mean you let your dogs allowed to eat all dates. It contains a very high amount of fiber so excessive dates work reversely and affect the digestive system of the dog. So you should know the limits while feeding your dog.

In this guide, we will answer all these questions like health benefits, side effects, historical relevance, and all other relevant aspects. So that you will not face any difficulty while feeding dates to your dog.

Side effects on the dog after eating excess dates

A date works very effectively to improve the health of a dog but at the same time, excess eating of dates may cause health issue with your dog. So here is a list of side effects caused by excess eating of dates.

  • Dog feel digestive distress that may cause a serious issue like dogs diarrhea. Vomiting is a common symptom of digestive distress.
  • Eating too many dates will increase the blood pressure of your dog because the amount of sugar is very high in dates.
  • Your dog will behave strangely like bloodshot eyes or change inactiveness.
  • Weight of your dog will increase slightly.
  • You will feel some changes in body language like lack of focus, tail stiffing and pacing.

Are Dates Safe for Dogs

Dates are safe for dogs but only if they are taken after a fixed time period. Dates include a high amount of sugar (16 gram per date). So it is advised to give one or two dates at one time. If you will frequency then it will surely not harm your dog’s health.   

Health benefits

Dates contain various elements that contribute to maintaining and destroying the dog’s health. Here is a list of various elements.

Fiber: It contains fiber that ultimately helps in the urinal and digestive system of a dog.

Sugar: It includes a large amount of sugar that destroys the work of the digestive system and sometimes causes diabetes.

Pits: Pits cause blockage in the small intestine of a dog. So it is advised to remove the pits of dates.

Their health benefits of dates can’t be underestimated. Some of the health benefits are

  1. It will boost the energy level of a dog. It contains a large amount of carbohydrate that helps to boost energy very rapidly.
  2. Dates work great in constipation. So it is recommended to increase the amount if your dog is suffering from constipation.
  3. It includes iron, copper, and zinc that improve bone strength of your dog.
  4. It works great in improving immune system due to the presence of vitamin c in dates.
  5. It contains high-level potassium that works very effectively to prevent heart diseases.

How to Feed Dates to your Dog

Dates are not like other food that you can feed without knowing anything. In feeding dates, you need to follow a special process.

Firstly, you need to remove the pit of dates that means you need to remove the hard seed of dates to remove the risk of intestine blockage. After that give them a single date and observe the body reactions after eating.

So this process you need to follow on a regular basis while feeding dates. It is important to consider the reaction of your dog while serving dates. If you are not getting positive sign then it means the dog does not like dates.

Is it possible to feed too many Dates to Your Dog?

No, it is not advised to feed too many dates to your dog because it can cause serious health issue if you do so. You must use dates as a reward for good behavior or any improvement. You should keep the various side effects of eating excessive dates in your mind that is listed above.

In my opinion, treating dates as an occasional snack is a much better option. So always try to maintain a proper balance in diet and it is better to provide a well-balanced diet rather than a sugary meal.

How to Keep Your Dog Away From Dates

It is also a serious issue if your dog gets addicted to dates. The dog has a very great sense of identification. Once they saw dates jar then they can easily find it so you need to keep the jar away from your dogs reach.

Secondly, you need to train your dog in such a way that they will not get addicted for that you can change the frequency of giving dates.

For example, if you are giving dates daily then change the frequency to once in two days. It will work great to get rid of the date’s addiction.

It is advised to control your dog with great commands like stop, eat it, no. These commands will help to maintain a good habit of eating.

What if a dog eats too Many Dates?

As you know, eating too many dates cause serious health issues sometimes. So in case if your dog eats dates in excess then these tips will work great

  1. Contact to pets doctor if you find health misbalancing in the dog.
  2. Take your dog to the bathroom to keep your home clean.
  3. Keep your dog in relax position after loose motions.
  4. Take your dog outside to burn extra energy.


Eating dates will improve the health of your dog and at the same time if you feed in excess then it can also destroy the immune system. So try to avoid excess feeding of dates.

If you find any change in your dog’s health then immediately take advice from a pet’s doctor. So it will eliminate the risk of further health misbalancing.

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