Why do dog Sneeze when they play.

why do dog sneeze when they play

As like human, the dog also sneeze many times. But sometimes when pet parent sees this type of dog behavior, they get concern and serious about it. Yes, they, of course, have to be, there might be chances that something stuck on dog vessels and it can cause breathing related issue later.

Before to see a doctor or concern about it, first try to understand what causes a dog to sneeze, there are various reasons for dog sneezing. Is something stuck on dog vessels, it is dust or some allergies that cause your dog to sneeze or its natural.

It might be natural sneeze.

The primary cause for human and dog to sneeze is that something irritating inside the nose such as dust particles or grass leaves. So the dog body let the dog sneeze to remove irritation from the nose as soon as possible. There is part of the brain that is responsible for causing a sneeze. A sneeze can remove the irritating particles at the speed of 150 km per hour. the interring fact when dog sneeze is that their eyes are naturally closed when they sneeze. When their eyes are closed, they look so funny.

is it real or fake sneeze?

Can you believe that a dog can fake sneeze? Yes, a dog can consciously sneeze to grab the attention or just to show the urge to play. There are many professional dog trainer who will able to train heir dog to sneeze. So your dog can have a fake sneeze.

You might have a question in your mind that how to identify that is it a fake sneeze or real sneeze. So here the answer, a fake sneeze will not come from the lungs, they will sneeze from the nose while playing. After the end of dog fun, if dog sneezes not stopped sneezing then its real and your dog might suffer from cold or something irritating inside his nose if your dog feel pain then there something serious cause to block nose vassals. At this point your should concern a pet doctor.

Why dog sneeze while they play or excited.

You have seen much time that your dog sneezes while playing or excited. But the sneeze suddenly stopped when the game is over. This is play sneeze. the reason why do sneeze is that they are communicating with the help of sneeze and facial expression and it pretty normal. Another reason for dog sneeze while playing is that they continuously scroll there tongue over nose this cause irritation and give a wrong signal to the brain to sneeze.

While dog play, they run fast, breathe fast and of course jump over the things. If there are too many dust particles, debris and bigger grass in the yard then with rapid breathing too many particles go into the nose which ultimately gives a signal to the body to produce a powerful sneeze.

Way of communicating.

There are many dog expert find out that play sneeze is signal to calm cue. As the dog does not use vocal sound to express their feeling, so they have developed the many facial expressions and fake sneeze to communicate with other dogs. Dog often sneeze more when they are with dogs.

With the help so sneeze a dog continuously give a reminder to other dogs that we are friends and just playing for fun. Sometimes while playing a dog attack or show aggression to other dog, so the dog sneeze to remind other dogs that everything is is for fun and try to keep calm down everything.

however, every sneeze is not fake sneeze but sometimes due to some other reason a dog can sneeze.

Dog sensitivity to smell.

As dogs nose are 10000 times sensitive in comparison of a human nose. As they can smell or identify the smell of something that is away from a few miles. Because of being so sensitive nose, when a dog came in touch of strong smell or dust particles the sensitive dog nose cause to sneeze. So this lets the dog sneeze.

Some serious reason to concern for dog sneeze.

There are some other reasons for dog sneeze which are due to some serious complication to the dog. If your dog is continuously sneezing for a long time then its not play or communication sneeze.

However, there various reason that can cause serious sneeze to the dog, such bacterial infection in dog nose, fungal infection, nasal discharge, allergies, cold, cough, or something stuck in dog nose.

It can also occur due to season viral. the symptoms of seasonal viral are red eyes, cold, cough, difficulty in breathing, fiver.

So, in this case, you will seek a professional veterinarian.


So after reading, you may get your answer to why dog sneeze when they play or excited. As dog’s nose are sensitive when dust particles or strong smell comes in the nose contact they often. the dog playing sneeze because they are excited, its their way of communicating with other dogs. its the way to calm down due to other dog and as dog use 30 types of facial expression to communicate with other dogs.

However, they are another reason off sneezing like they can fake a sneeze as much professional able to train their dog to sneeze intentionally. So your dog can sneeze to show the urge to play.

But there many serious reasons when your dog sneezes like viral, bacterial infection, something stuck on their nose. So, in this case, seek the advice of a professional dog doctor.

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